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Details of the collection:

  • More than 3000 games.
  • Recent: All played since January 2001
    • Most games from the months of April May June
  • High Quality: 95% games include one 2300elo player
    • Games have been hand edited to ensure quality
    • Short draws and defaults have been removed
  • Includes games by: Shirov Kasparov Kramnik Gelfand Topalov Sokolov Bacrot Short Anand Korchnoi Seirawan
  • Compatable: Uses the highly readable pgn format
  • Inexpensive: Just $5.30 for the whole collection

How to purchase the games:

  • Two different delivery methods:
    • Email the whole collection - 2.62 MB
    • Receive it as 7 separate emails each of - 431KB
  • Payment: Made through PayPal.
    • Paypal deal with thousands of transactions daily
    • Paypal uses advanced security features to keep your details safe
    • See
  • To purchase send an email to:
    • Please send it from the address to which the product is to be sent.
    • Please state prefered delivery method
    • Please read the disclaimer
  • AND: please click on the Paypal icon to pay.
  • We will send the collection as soon as we can.